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All About the MPRE

  If you follow me on Instagram (which you should be if you don't already - @thelawlifestyleblog 😉), you've seen that I began studying for the MPRE this week. It's coming up fast for myself and everyone else taking it in August, even though it's something I didn't know existed until coming to law school. I'll be updating you all with another blog after I take the MPRE to let you know how my study schedule worked out for me and what I thought about the exam.  What is the MPRE?  The MPRE is the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination, a two-hour exam with 60 multiple-choice questions meant to test your knowledge of the Model Rules of Professional Responsibility and other standards related to the professional conduct of lawyers. 50 of the questions are scored, and the remaining 10 questions are unscored pretest questions.  Most jurisdictions require passing the MPRE to be admitted to the bar. Wisconsin and Puerto Rico do not require passing the MPRE to

The Differences Between 1L and 2L Year

  Picture this: you've finally turned in your last final of 1L year and you have the whole summer ahead of you to get some experience and take a break from burying your head in casebooks. Fast forward to August, and you're suddenly getting ready for 2L. But, what's 2L all about? Of course, it'll be different from 1L, but how? There's too many questions and so little time to figure this all out before classes start, but that's where today's blog comes in.  Obviously, there are differences between 1L and 2L. Even with a basic knowledge of how law schools operate, someone could figure that much out. But what should you be on the lookout for as you start 2L? As I'm going into my 3L year, here are some of the biggest differences that I noticed.  You're More Confident Law school isn't going to necessarily get easier. I know, that's not the most uplifting thing to hear. But, sometimes law school may feel easier just because you're more confident