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How to Pick Law School Classes

  After 1L, you get a lot more leeway in how you want to spend your days in law school. It's great, of course, but figuring out what classes to take as you prepare for 2L can be a daunting task. Keep reading for some of my tips as you transition from 1L classes into your upper level classes!  Check Your Graduation Requirements Chances are, you have more required classes than the ones you take as a 1L. For example, in addition to the traditional 1L classes, I am required to take Administrative Law, Legal Profession (a.k.a., legal ethics), and Evidence. I also have to have fifty hours of public service work, six hours of experiential coursework, and an upper-level writing class.  Once you figure out what else is required of you, you can figure out how to approach these classes as you plan your schedule. Personally, I tried to get all of those requirements done by the end of 2L so I could have more flexibility during my 3L year. Whatever you think is best for you, however, is what you

How to Start Your Week Off Right

  Getting your week started on the right foot can be tough--you've just had a nice weekend and now you have to get back to work, and that can suck if you're not prepared. Here are some tips to help you kick off each week in the best way possible.  Set some goals Get yourself excited to accomplish something! I've been trying to outline my goals for the week in my planner and it's such a great feeling to cross something off that list. Working towards something all week will help you stay focused--and you get to feel good about yourself and the work you did, too!  Schedule self care You can't get through a week without taking care of yourself. Pushing yourself to the fullest extent every week isn't going to help you out in the long run--burnout is definitely real and it will hit you hard. Recharge your batteries at the beginning of the week to feel good throughout the rest of the week.  Schedule something fun Give yourself something to look forward to by scheduling