A Week in Outfits: Online Law School

Time to state the obvious: online law school is different than in-person law school. I know, I just blew your mind. 

All jokes aside, getting ready for an online class is so different from getting ready for an in-person class. I'm definitely more prone to wearing makeup for an in-person class than I am for an online class, and the clothes I wear definitely change, too. As much as I try to dress in the same way at home as I would for an in-person class, sometimes I just want to throw on a pair of sweatpants and a nice sweater to make it look like I'm dressed up on camera. 

This semester, I have two hybrid classes and two completely online classes, so make sure to look below to see what I wore last week to school for some outfit inspo! 

Monday, February 1

I'm lucky enough to not have any classes on Mondays, so my actual week doesn't start until Tuesday. I'm also not externing anywhere this semester, so I spent the day focusing on my readings for the week. I also spent some time working on things for my student organizations. 

Tuesday, February 2

Today is my busiest day of the week with four classes: Criminal Procedure, Advanced Legal Writing, Legal Profession, and Evidence Practicum. Phew. Basically, I'll be in class from 9 AM to 8:30 PM, with some breaks in between. Because all my classes are online on Tuesdays, I don't dress up as much, but I do put a little effort in so I feel like I'm actually in class. 

Wednesday, February 3

Another day without any classes, which means that I'll be reading for tomorrow's classes and getting more work done for my student organizations. I like to be comfy when I'm curled up in my chair reading, and these overalls are definitely the perfect way to be both cute and comfortable! 

Thursday, February 4

Last day of classes, woohoo! Today, I only have three classes (Evidence Practicum is only once a week), and I get to go to campus for all three classes today. Even though Advanced Legal Writing is completely online, it ends fifteen minutes before Legal Profession begins, so I just reserve a study room so I don't have to rush between classes. I like to get dressed up on Thursdays since I am spending most of my day in public and I'm always looking for an excuse to do more than put on some leggings. 

Friday, February 5

Fridays are definitely my "lazy" days when it comes to getting dressed. I usually have only one meeting, so I get most of my Friday to myself to study, work, and clean. Sometimes, if I'm feeling crazy, I'll even relax and take some time for myself. 




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