My 2L Spring Semester Goals


New semester, new me! (That's how the saying goes, right?)

I think it's really important to set yourself up for success each new semester. Setting goals is just the way to do that. Unfortunately, I didn't set any specific goals last semester, so I'm making sure to write them out this semester so I can start off on the right foot. 

My goals for this semester are pretty simple since I will still be online for the majority of it (thank goodness for hybrid classes so I can be on campus one class each week), but that doesn't make those goals any less important. And that sentiment applies to any goals you make this semester, too. Anything you can put your efforts toward that keeps you moving forward is worthwhile. 

I've listed my goals for this semester down below so I can tell you why I'm focusing on these goals right now. Let me know what your current goals are down below! 

During my 1L spring semester and over the summer, I found it easy to wake up early and get a workout or a walk in. But as the fall semester wore on, the stress set in and I thought it was more efficient to sleep in for an extra hour or so. However, I definitely found that I had less energy and prefer to workout in the mornings instead of sleep in, so I'll be focusing on working out more often this semester. 

I spent a lot of last semester saying that 2L "hit me like a truck," and that feeling affected my outlining. I found myself having to push outlining back when other tasks seemed more important, so I did a lot of outlining at the end of the semester rather than throughout it like I prefer to do. My goal this semester is to start outlining early, no matter how busy I may be, because it'll be better for me in the future. Plus, even if I can't spend an entire day outlining early on, finishing even a page or two is still beneficial. 

This past semester, I didn't lay out my day in a structured way; rather, I'd just list out which tasks I wanted to get done that day and just start with one and move to another whenever I felt like it. I want to be better with making daily schedules with times to work on different tasks so I can hopefully be more productive. 

One of my graduation requirements is public service, and part of that can be satisfied by volunteering, so I am hoping to get some of those hours in this semester, as I am only taking classes this semester so I can be better about my mental health. I think that no matter where I volunteer, I'll be able to make a difference and hone in on my legal skills. 

I have two hybrid classes this semester, so I am in the law building for one class each week and online for the other class. To keep myself more accountable, I plan to dress up a little more for my in-person classes (maybe even my online classes) because it makes me feel more like a real person. I used to do this for my finals because it gave me a boost of confidence, and I'm hoping to emulate that once again. 

Online office hours are not my forte. I think I'm pretty awkward during them and I find myself more focused on myself than the questions I'm asking or the answers the professor is giving me. I avoided them as much as I could last semester, but I'd like to make more of an effort this semester to go to office hours instead of only emailing professors. 




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