Amazon Finds for Law Students


Law school isn't cheap, but that doesn't mean you can't find ways to get around some of the expenses, such as those for school supplies. Amazon is a great way to get supplies quickly and at a lower price than you may find at other places. Below are some of my favorites, and make sure to let me know what you think of these ideas! 


I bought my bookstands off of Amazon, and there are plenty of options for whatever bookstand works best for you. Once I got a bookstand for my casebooks, I haven't looked back and you won't either. I've found them to be helpful for both in-person and online classes so you don't have to crane your neck looking down at your casebooks. 


There are tons of options for planners on Amazon, so whatever style you are looking for is available for you online! 

Lap Desks

Sometimes, you just have to work somewhere besides your desk, especially when you're going to school from home now. Having a lap desk like this will help you stay focused if you feel the need to get some work done in your bed or on the couch. 


Padfolios are just great to have in general, especially for any interviews you may have. A padfolio will help you look professional and keep you organized and ready-to-go. 


Highlighters are obviously a necessity for law school, so having plenty of them in different colors is going to help you step up your game. 

Book Tabs

Just like highlighters, tabs for your casebooks are a must-have. I like this one because of the variety of post-its and tabs it has in it. 

Pencil Cases

I'm someone who definitely needs to invest in a pencil case--right now, I keep all of my writing utensils and highlighters in one of the mesh pockets on my backpack that is supposed to be for water bottles. Something big like this is perfect for law students because it has the room for everything you need for class and studying. 

File Folders

File folders are great to keep you organized, and definitely worth buying for any print-outs you may need for your online classes this semester (if your law school is anything like mine!). 


Once again, like the highlighters and book tabs, pens are a must if you like to write in your casebooks. Having plenty of different colors can also keep your written notes organized. 

Paperclips, Binder Clips, Etc. 

I'm a big fan of having plenty of paperclips and binder clips at my desk in case I ever need any to keep papers organized in my folders. They're really helpful for keeping my stuff organized. 




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