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A Week in My Life as a 2L

  2L looks SO different from 1L, it's insane. My uncle, who is a lawyer, gave me some advice before I went to law school: they scare you to death in 1L, they work you to death in 2L, and they bore you to death in 3L. I was definitely scared to death in 1L, and, of course, I have been worked to death thus far during 2L. Here's to hoping that 3L is as boring as they promise.  I wanted to let you know what a week in my life as a 2L in law school looks like. This week was pretty odd because I had a lot more meetings than I usually would, but other than that, this is a pretty typical week for me.  Monday, January 18 I had an easier start to my week because I had Monday off. Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so there were no classes. However, I still had plenty of work to do, so I got up early to go for a quick walk around campus before starting my day.  After a shower, some homemade breakfast quesadillas, and two cups of coffee, I go to work. I had a meeting at 10:00 AM, so I sa

Amazon Finds for Law Students

  Law school isn't cheap, but that doesn't mean you can't find ways to get around some of the expenses, such as those for school supplies. Amazon is a great way to get supplies quickly and at a lower price than you may find at other places. Below are some of my favorites, and make sure to let me know what you think of these ideas!  Bookstands I bought my bookstands off of Amazon, and there are plenty of options for whatever bookstand works best for you. Once I got a bookstand for my casebooks, I haven't looked back and you won't either. I've found them to be helpful for both in-person and online classes so you don't have to crane your neck looking down at your casebooks.  Planners There are tons of options for planners on Amazon, so whatever style you are looking for is available for you online!  Lap Desks Sometimes, you just have to work somewhere besides your desk, especially when you're going to school from home now. Having a lap desk like this will h

Your Guide to Law School Casebooks

  Casebooks are scary in so many different ways. Not only can the actual substance of a casebook be overwhelming, but purchasing them can bring you a lot of stress, too. Should you rent or buy your casebooks? Should you buy the recommended books?  Below are some of my tips for how to approach buying your casebooks. What do you prefer to do? Let me know below!  Buying New I bought all of my casebooks for 1L year because I wasn't sure how I was going to approach reading them, taking notes in them, and highlighting in them. I didn't want to get confused with someone else's highlights or notes while I was attempting to figure out law school, so buying new was my best option. It's no secret that casebooks can be expensive. You could easily spend up to $250 for each casebook, and that unfortunately adds up quickly. However, there are ways you can try to alleviate some of those costs. Shop outside of your school's bookstore for a start. I buy my casebooks on Amazon, where

My 2L Spring Semester Goals

  New semester, new me! (That's how the saying goes, right?) I think it's really important to set yourself up for success each new semester. Setting goals is just the way to do that. Unfortunately, I didn't set any specific goals last semester, so I'm making sure to write them out this semester so I can start off on the right foot.  My goals for this semester are pretty simple since I will still be online for the majority of it (thank goodness for hybrid classes so I can be on campus one class each week), but that doesn't make those goals any less important. And that sentiment applies to any goals you make this semester, too. Anything you can put your efforts toward that keeps you moving forward is worthwhile.  I've listed my goals for this semester down below so I can tell you why I'm focusing on these goals right now. Let me know what your current goals are down below!  During my 1L spring semester and over the summer, I found it easy to wake up early and