How to Handle Hard Weeks in Law School


Law school is hard, there's no way around that. But some days are definitely harder than others. 

Take it from me, for example: a few weeks ago, everything suddenly felt like too much and I could not deal with it. Every small problem was magnified because I was so stressed out and anxious. After dealing with my anxiety all morning, I spoke too quickly in my opening statement for my Trial Practice class, and that was the straw that broke the camel's back. After walking back to my apartment from that class, I set an alarm for ten minutes, cried, and then got set up for my next Zoom class. 

Luckily, I haven't had too many of those days in law school (knock on wood!). But, there are plenty of ways to get yourself through those days and weeks. 


Now, this may be a bit harder with COVID, but there are still options, whether that be over Facetime, over Zoom, or in person while socially distancing. Your friends will help you get your mind off the stresses of law school and life in general and put you in a better mood. 

Even just having them listen to you rant about everything bothering you can help get a weight off your chest. Just remember, your friends will definitely have a bad day at school, too, so make sure you're there for them like they were there for you!

Do Something You Love

Take some time to focus on something that has nothing to do with law school. I like to take out my sketchbook from time to time and just sketch without thinking because it's a great break for my brain. Whether you took up a new hobby during quarantine or have something you've loved to do for years, pull that out for an hour or so and get your mind of whatever caused your bad day. 

Remember Why

You're in law school for a reason. Everyone is. Remember what that reason is and that today is just one step on the way to your goal, even if it's not a great step. 

Remembering your "why" will give you some more willpower to pick yourself up after a bad day (or a series of bad days) and keep moving forward. 

Laugh At It

Even though you might not be able to laugh about your situation on the actual day that it happened, looking back and finding something humorous in it will help you move forward from it. 

Honestly, every time I think back to my most recent bad day, I can't help but laugh. If I could have been a fly on the wall while I was sitting on the floor of my room crying until my alarm went off to get ready for class, I would have been cracking up. 




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