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How to Tailor Your Resume to Law School

Let's be honest: nobody likes working on their resume. It's tedious and technical, and there are so many small details you have to worry about. I've begun building up my legal resume now that I'm a 2L, and I have been working on keeping my resume updated and formatted correctly.  Looking at a resume through a more general lens though leads me to think that there are just a few ways to view your resume: its look and its content. I'll go more in depth as to what those two categories entail, and I've also included an example below to give you a better idea of what a law school resume looks like The Look As shallow as it may be, appearances are a big part of professionalism, and the same idea applies to your resume, too. You want to make sure your resume is clean and easy to read; something cluttered and confusing may lead to your resume being put in the "no" pile before the hiring attorney even reads through it. And don't forget, keep it to one page!