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The Law Review Write-On Process

After a three-week long candidacy and a month of waiting around, I'm proud to announce that I am officially a Staff Editor for the Denver Law Review!  Law review write-on has probably been one of the most stressful things I've done in law school. Even though we were given an extra week (due to pressures from COVID-19's effect on school and the editorial team didn't want those of us who wanted to join in on BLM protests to have to choose between protesting and finishing our write-on materials), it was still tough and I used every second of that extra week to continue editing my case comment and double-checking my Bluebook citations.  I worked until basically the last minute--I believe I turned in my candidacy materials with twenty minutes to spare--and still spent those last twenty minutes anxiously checking and re-checking that my materials had actually successfully been submitted (yay anxiety!).  I'm sure it may be different for other law school's law reviews,

The 1L Summer Job Hunt

Your 1L summer job is important for many reasons--it's your first insight into what the world of lawyering entails and you have the opportunity to jump straight into real work. Interning for a judge this summer has been invaluable to me so far, and it's a great reminder of why I want to be a lawyer (after all, it's not just about reading casebooks).  It can be tough figuring out where to start with finding your 1L summer job. There's writing samples, resumes, cover letters, transcripts, and letters of recommendation--oh my! Here's some tips that helped me get my internship, as well as some extra tips that may help you out even further.  Plan Ahead I figured it was better to get a head start rather than wait until the summer got closer. I routinely checked my law school's job postings beginning in February and would update a spreadsheet I made with new jobs I wanted to apply for. This way, if things just aren't working out with your applications (or, say, a g