What You Need to Know About Summer Classes

I'm taking Evidence this summer, and it's been in full swing for about a month now. Summer classes always feel so different from fall or spring semester classes, and that can seriously affect how you approach them. Here's what I've been doing to stay focused and on top of my summer class.

Stick to a Schedule

As is very clear from literally everything I write about on my blog, I thrive when I'm working on a schedule. I try to keep my days, even when I'm working from home every day, as structured as I can. Essentially, this means that I have dedicated time slots during my days where I'll work on certain things. 

In the morning, after I workout and eat breakfast, I'll read for my class that day. I'm lucky that Evidence is a night class with the professor I have, so I get all day to prepare for it. I'm more focused and motivated at the beginning of the day, so it's the best time for me to read some dull rules and do all the hypos in the chapter I'm reading. If I've already read the chapter we'll be covering for today (the syllabus for this class just gives out all the chapters we'll be reading for the whole week, so sometimes I get ahead), I'll spend my morning reviewing to make sure everything is fresh in my mind. 

Actually Do the Work 

The weather has been amazing here in Denver recently, so it's easy to bring my Evidence book to campus with me and end up soaking up some sun instead of reading. But, it's important to remind yourself that you signed up for this class and part of that is agreeing to do the work. As tough as it can be, it's worth it in the end once finals approach and you're feeling prepared for the exam. 

Keep Track of Time

Summer classes are a lot shorter than classes you'll take in the fall or spring semesters. I had the sudden realization the other day that my final exam for Evidence is in about a month--aka, time to start prepping and outlining. Oh boy.

Keeping yourself on track definitely helps, and you won't feel like you're rushing and cramming once reading days hit--staying calm and collected while studying will make you feel more confident when it comes time to take the exam. 

Remember It's Still a Class

You might be reading this heading and thinking, "Obviously, Rachel." And yes, it is obvious. But, if your law school is like mine, you're still working from home and taking online classes. It's so easy to grab my phone and scroll through Tik Tok instead of listening to my professor. But, that's not something I would ever do in an actual lecture hall. Treating online classes like a "normal" class will keep you focused and more on top of your game. 




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