Essential Tips for Online Classes

All ABA-accredited law schools have moved online due to COVID-19. At this point, that's not news. Getting used to online classes, for me, has been an interesting process. This is my third week of online classes, and I've started to feel more comfortable dealing with them now.

Here's what I've learned helps keep me focused during class.

Get Into a Habit

Back when we had in-person classes, I had a schedule of what I would do before class. I always liked to put my stuff down in the lecture hall fifteen minutes before class started, and then I would go to the Student Affairs office to fill up my water bottle and maybe get some coffee.

Now that classes are online, I've had to make a new pre-class schedule to get myself into the same mindset that I had during in-person classes. I like to log onto the Zoom call about ten minutes early, although I'll leave my camera off until class starts. I make sure my casebook is open to the cases we'll be discussing that day and that I have a full water bottle and a fresh cup of coffee.

Keep Your Camera On

My professors prefer that we all keep our cameras on, and, even though it can be kind of distracting to stare at my own face, it keeps me accountable. I'm less likely to mess around or not focus when I know that my professor or any of my classmates can see me.

Put Your Phone on "Do Not Disturb"

Not-so hot take: phones can be distracting. When I know we'll be discussing something that I'm having trouble with, I put my phone on do not disturb so I can stay completely focused. I need to get a bit better about staying off my phone in class in general, and putting it on do not disturb definitely helps with that.

Dress for Productivity 

If I dress in my most comfortable clothes, all I want to do is lay on my couch and play Animal Crossing all day. I've found that when I put on leggings and a nice top or sweater, I feel more productive. Figuring out what you can wear to stay productive can really help you stay motivated. Of course, make sure to have those days where you give yourself breaks.




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