Take a Tour of My Desk

I spend A LOT of time at my desk. It's my go-to place to work (although I have been switching it up occasionally and sitting in my living room for online classes), so I have a lot of little odds and ends stored there to stay focused on my schoolwork.

I thought I'd spend today's blog giving you a quick tour of how my desk is set up and what I keep in my desk for law school.

On top of my desk, I have a lot of stuff, especially now that classes have moved online and the law building has closed along with the rest of campus. Starting on the left, I have, of course, a desk lamp, which is currently decked out in my University of Denver hockey hat and my red heart glasses from Valentine's Day. I bought it from Kohl's and love how bright it is--it's definitely helped me out when I'm studying late at night and need a little extra light.

There is an elevated part of my desk where I keep candles, my at-home book stand (yes, I have multiple--one at home, one in my locker, and one in my backpack), and, more recently, my casebooks. I would usually have more candles and decorative things on this elevated part, but those have been moved to other parts of my room to make way for my casebooks.

The candle that has the luck of staying on my desk right now is a cinnamon candle that makes my room smell AMAZING.

In my drawer, I keep a lot of extra school supplies. There are highlighters, post-it notes, tabs, pencils, pens, and a staple remover. I specifically put those supplies in this drawer because they're in reach whenever I quickly need something. Lately, it's been useful to have pencils and post-it notes at my disposal during online classes.

There's also a bunch of other random stuff in that drawer, including lip balm, hand sanitizer, and business cards from networking events that simply needed a home somewhere in my room.

This desk also has two shelves, which I have stuffed to the brim. The top shelf has my J.D. business cards, my stapler, my three-hole punch, thank-you cards for interviews, and my stickers for decorating my planner.

The second shelf has some of my old casebooks from last semester, my older outlines, and my 1L outline books from different bar prep companies. I keep more of the stuff I don't use as often is kept on this shelf just because it's easier to grab things from the top shelf.

I've always been someone who likes to decorate her walls with posters and canvases, so my apartment in Denver is no exception. I keep a lot of the mail I get from family and friends, and I have many of my own canvases that I've painted over the years. This is the first apartment where I've had a letter board, so I've been having fun with that since putting it up.

What do you have in your desk?




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