My Nighttime Routine

It's taken some time, but I'm finally to that part of my life where I have an established night routine. Although it does differ from time to time, I've gotten good at following along and keeping myself on track.

1. Get ready for tomorrow

The easiest ways for me to get ready for the next day is to make something to eat for lunch, setting out my gym clothes for the morning, double-checking my planner, and picking out an outfit.

This semester, I'm trying to be better about not constantly buying the somewhat sub-par sushi in the law school's cafe on campus by making my own lunches. It's been easier this semester because I've started using a meal prep box, but there are still plenty of time where I'll simply make some pasta. Prepping your meals for the day will also keep you from spending money on takeout.

Setting out both my outfit for the day and for the gym in the morning definitely keeps me on track. I don't waste time in the morning tearing my closet apart, nor can I ignore the workout clothes set out on my desk chair.

If I'm feeling REALLY productive, I'll take a look at my planner to get myself ready for all that's to come in the next day. It's also helpful because who knows if I've forgotten to do something important.

2. Self care

Obviously, the majority of my nighttime routine focuses on getting myself ready for bed, which I definitely regard as self care. I used to just collapse into bed after taking out my contacts and brushing my teeth, but now I like to take the time to relax a bit before laying down.

I'll start off by taking out my contacts before I get a bunch of product all over my fingers. Next, I'll focus on my skin by using my face wash and then putting on a cooling face mask (usually something with cucumber in it!). To top it all off, I put on a spot treatment and then a moisturizer.

Next up, I brush my teeth, floss, and use mouthwash. Depending on how dried out my lips are, I will sometimes use a lip scrub followed by a lip balm to help fix that problem.

Before changing into my pajamas, I will put on some lotion as well.

3. Chill out

Although I know it's not the greatest habit, I tend to relax on my phone with a game or something else relaxing before I fall asleep. I still don't have any problem falling asleep within ten or fifteen minutes from when I lay down, so I haven't changed this step in my routine yet. However, if you are really affected by the light of your phone or other electronics, I'd definitely recommend taking some time off from your phone before you fall asleep.

What's your bedtime routine?




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