Masterpost: Prepping for Law School

Hello, friends!

It's been a hot minute since I've been active on my blog (shout out to the brief I had due last night!), so I thought it was about time for me to hop back on here. Because I'm still a little busy with the insanity that is law school combined with my summer job hunt, I've created a masterpost for you all today about prepping for law school!

My 0L Summer Goals

What did I hope to accomplish in the few months leading up to starting law school?

A Practical To Do List for Before You Go to Law School

As fun and exciting as it is to learn you're headed to law school, there are still plenty of practical things to do beforehand.

Law School-Bound Grad Cap Inspiration

If you're going straight from undergrad to law school, get some grad cap inspo here!

Nail Your Law School Visit

Whether you have an admitted students' day or a regular visit coming up, this post is for you!

My 0L Reading List

There are tons of books out there about the law and about law school, so make sure to check out the books that grabbed my attention.

Why I'm Nervous for Law School

Beginning any new experience is nerve-wracking, and law school is no different.

Why I'm Excited for Law School

As easy as it is to be nervous for starting law school, the excitement definitely overpowers it!

Book Review: Law School Confidential

This was one of my two favorite law school prep books, so make sure to check out this review to see if you want to read it, too.

Book Review: 1L of a Ride

The other half of my favorite law school prep books, and something I still flip through from time to time when I feel a little lost.




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