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Law School Clothing Basics

Creating your legal wardrobe is tough. Professional clothing can get expensive, and it's hard to know what range of dress code styles you should have in your closet. However, you can create a law school wardrobe by getting together some basics that you can mix and match. Even more, what are you supposed to wear to class every day? If you're like me, you try to dress nice about 90 percent of the time, I'll occasionally slip into my undergrad uniform of leggings and an over-sized sweatshirt. I included some photos of some of my favorite outfits to wear for class in this blog as well for some inspiration if you're at a loss for outfit ideas. Workwear Dresses Dress from Ann Taylor Getting a dress you really love will put you into a great mood whenever you put it on. If you get it in a neutral color, you can pair it with plenty of different colors of blazers and sweaters to create more versatility in your wardrobe, too. Black Blazer Blazer from Von Mau

Take a Tour of My Desk

I spend A LOT of time at my desk. It's my go-to place to work (although I have been switching it up occasionally and sitting in my living room for online classes), so I have a lot of little odds and ends stored there to stay focused on my schoolwork. I thought I'd spend today's blog giving you a quick tour of how my desk is set up and what I keep in my desk for law school. On top of my desk, I have a lot of stuff, especially now that classes have moved online and the law building has closed along with the rest of campus. Starting on the left, I have, of course, a desk lamp, which is currently decked out in my University of Denver hockey hat and my red heart glasses from Valentine's Day. I bought it from Kohl's and love how bright it is--it's definitely helped me out when I'm studying late at night and need a little extra light. There is an elevated part of my desk where I keep candles, my at-home book stand (yes, I have multiple--one at home,

My Nighttime Routine

It's taken some time, but I'm finally to that part of my life where I have an established night routine. Although it does differ from time to time, I've gotten good at following along and keeping myself on track. 1. Get ready for tomorrow The easiest ways for me to get ready for the next day is to make something to eat for lunch, setting out my gym clothes for the morning, double-checking my planner, and picking out an outfit. This semester, I'm trying to be better about not constantly buying the somewhat sub-par sushi in the law school's cafe on campus by making my own lunches. It's been easier this semester because I've started using a meal prep box, but there are still plenty of time where I'll simply make some pasta. Prepping your meals for the day will also keep you from spending money on takeout. Setting out both my outfit for the day and for the gym in the morning definitely keeps me on track. I don't waste time in the morning teari

Masterpost: Prepping for Law School

Hello, friends! It's been a hot minute since I've been active on my blog (shout out to the brief I had due last night!), so I thought it was about time for me to hop back on here. Because I'm still a little busy with the insanity that is law school combined with my summer job hunt, I've created a masterpost for you all today about prepping for law school! My 0L Summer Goals What did I hope to accomplish in the few months leading up to starting law school? A Practical To Do List for Before You Go to Law School As fun and exciting as it is to learn you're headed to law school, there are still plenty of practical things to do beforehand. Law School-Bound Grad Cap Inspiration If you're going straight from undergrad to law school, get some grad cap inspo here! Nail Your Law School Visit Whether you have an admitted students' day or a regular visit coming up, this post is for you! My 0L Reading List There are tons of books out there about