Study Spaces That Aren't the Law Building

If you're anything like me, sometimes you get tired of the law building and the law library as your only place to study. However, I've been branching out a bit more to find spaces to visit when I just can't sit in yet another windowless study room.

Undergrad Library

This might seem odd, but if you're someone who has trouble focusing in a cafe or somewhere else that has a lot of background noise, hitting up another library on campus is super helpful. Before I got wifi at my apartment when I first moved to Denver, I spent a ton of time at DU's undergrad library to work on this blog and my orientation homework.

Public Library

Similar to what I said above about the undergrad library, you can also venture off campus to get your study on. Sometimes it can get a little loud in the undergrad library (ah, to be young and not have a care in the world), so going to the public library can also be a great idea.

Coffee Shops

These are my personal favorite places to study when I need a break from the law building. I've always loved the productive atmosphere of cafes, and I'm not bothered by the sound of background conversations and the coffee shop's music. I've also found that cafes are the best for studying in a group because nobody is going to give you dirty looks for laughing a little too hard at a joke when you're supposed to be focused.


If it's nice enough outside (and you won't really need your laptop), studying outside is super rewarding. Not only are you being productive, but you're also getting a chance to spend time around nature. There's always been something so comforting to be about reading with the sun shining down on you, so you might as well lift your spirits and study outside.




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