My Resolutions and a Look at 2019

Cheers to a new year!

2019 was a huge year for me, and I'm incredibly happy that it challenged me in so many ways. It's been a year of big moments and gigantic life changes, and I know 2020 is going to be even better.

Looking Back at 2019

I began 2019 by preparing for my second LSAT and taking the actual test, followed by finishing all my applications for law schools. I remember how after I submitted all my apps, going to law school suddenly felt really real. Even though I had been working toward that for almost a year, having nothing to do but wait for responses from schools made me realize that I was actually going to go to law school.

I then made my decision to go to the University of Denver for law school, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. I feel so at home in Denver and at the school, There's something about being surrounded by people just as focused on their schoolwork as I am that makes me comfortable.

Moving to Colorado on my own was insane. I'd moved away from home before when I was in undergrad, but that was only one state over. Now, I'm crazy far away and was on my own once my mom left after I got settled in my apartment. There's something about being on your own that really makes you feel like an actual adult.

I've fallen in love with Colorado and all it has to offer since I moved there. I love to spend time outdoors, and Colorado is a perfect place for spending time in nature. I've climbed by first 14er (for those who don't know, it's a mountain peak that over 14,000 feet in elevation), have gone hiking in the mountains a few times, and have enjoyed the tons of outdoor areas on campus when I need a break from studying.

2019 was also a great year for how I workout. I tend to stay on track for a week or two, and then fall back into my old habits for a little bit until I force myself to get back on schedule. One thing I'm very proud of is that I stuck with a kickboxing class for most of the semester, only missing classes when I was sick or just had too much to do for school. I'm hoping to get better at staying on track with my workouts in 2020 as well.

Starting law school is obviously my biggest success of 2019. My first semester was a lot of work, but it's all worth it in the end. There's something special about putting in all that work and seeing how that effort works out in the end (although at the moment that I'm writing this blog, I'm still waiting on grades). As tough as the semester was--and ignoring the fact that I have to do it another five times--I'm proud of myself for getting to this point.

My 2020 Resolutions

I have a habit of putting too much on my plate at the beginning of each year when I write out my resolutions. So, I'm trying to narrow things down for 2020 to give myself room to figure things out in the coming year.

First, I want to be more grateful. I feel like it's important to focus on what makes you happy and to notice the small things that occur throughout your day. I'll do part of this through meditation and yoga in the mornings right after I wake up.

As I mentioned above, I want to be better with sticking to a workout schedule. As long as I can keep myself focused past those few weeks where I'm excited to be working out, I'll be able to make working out an essential part of my day.

Another resolution that relates to my health is eating better. Similar to how I get with working out, I get excited to be taking a step to better myself for a little while, but then I go back to my old eating habits.

Last, I want there to be more self love in 2020. I have a habit of talking down to myself and doubting my abilities, even though I have no reason to. I'm hoping to work on catching myself more often whenever I'm being negative, and then following that up with a positive thought about myself. I know it'll take some time to make this become something I regularly do, but it'll be worth it in the end.

What are your resolutions for 2020?




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