A Week in Outfits: What to Wear in Law School During the Winter

The cold tends to ruin a lot of things. Hiking? Definitely less fun to do in the cold. Walking to class? Once again, it's not a scenic route if you're stuck with your head down to deal with the chilly wind. The same goes for what you decide to wear to school. Gone are the days of walking around campus without a care in the world; now, you're stuck bundling up and hoping for the best as you brave the elements.

For this week's blog, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at my outfits from this past week and give you some inspiration for what to wear to law school during the winter.


I started off the week with something comfy--high-waisted jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and a cardigan. I'm big into wearing layers during the winter because you never know how warm or cold a room may be.


On Tuesday, I wore another favorite combo of mine--sweaters and dresses. Adding in tights and boots updates this outfit for winter.


This is one of my absolute favorite sweaters, so I'm always wearing it during the winter. Like I mentioned above, I like to add tights underneath my skirts and dresses, which is always a great way to update your wardrobe for colder weather.


The best part about these overalls is that they work for every season. During the winter, I like to pair it with a warm sweater and a comfy pair of boots.


Because I only have one class on Fridays, I prefer to be as comfortable as possible so it still feels as if I'm in my pajamas. These pants are basically built like sweatpants, but the fun pattern and the fabric makes them look more dressed up.




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