2019 Last-Minute Gift Guide for Law Students

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may have found that you're struggling to get a few last-minute gifts. If you have a law student in your life (or you are a law student looking to splurge a little bit on yourself), use this gift guide to give you some inspiration! 

Book stands are an ideal way to make sure law students aren't straining their necks too much. This one comes in a two-pack as well, so one can be kept at home and one at school. 

Whether law students use this for class notes, a bullet journal, or for some sort of daily journal, you know they'll get plenty of use out of this notebook. 

Reading all day, every day is hard enough without thinking about the strain law students are putting on their eyes. A reading light will definitely help the law student in your life out. 

Coffee is love, coffee is life! Help a law student keep their coffee hot through all of their morning classes. 

When you're supposed to read several hundred pages of legal opinions every week, self care might sometimes come second. 

Let's be honest: law students are definitely spending more time in the law building than at their own homes, so a comfy pair of slippers might make those late-night study sessions a little more homey. 

Having a sturdy backpack to carry not only a laptop, but also several casebooks, will help law students get through each semester. 

Work wear is expensive, and yet, an essential part of law school. Help out the law student in your life by getting them a suit set for their next professional outing. 

New shoes are always a great idea for anybody for the holidays, but they are especially useful for law students who may be attending OCIs come the spring semester. 

Long study sessions require TONS of music, so new wireless headphones are sure to get any law student excited. 

Keeping track of a law student's schedule is a hectic task in and of itself, so getting a new planner with plenty of space to write will make any law student's day. 

As mentioned above, being a law student is expensive in ways others may not think of, and one of those expenses is buying professional clothing and accessories, like this briefcase. 

Law students may need some extra stress relief for the past semester's grade to come in, so get them this candle to give them a bit of a reprieve from those worries.  

It might just be time for law students to lay in a relaxing bath and not think about anything related in any way to law school. 

If the law student in your life shows up to a job fair with a portfolio like this, you know they'll be a hit. 




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