My Weekly Reading Schedule

Figuring out how to tackle all the reading in law school was a bit of a challenge for me. I've always liked reading, but reading for law school is WAY different from reading for leisure. However, now that I'm over halfway done with my first semester of law school, I've finally figured out the best way for me to get all my readings done.


I read ahead for Mondays on Sundays. On Monday I have Lawyering Process and Torts, so I'll focus on those two classes. There's usually not a ton of reading for Lawyering Process, but I'll often have some research due or need to bring in part of a memo for peer editing. 


Between my two classes, I'll review my torts reading to make sure I'm ready in case I get cold called--my Torts professor asks for the most obscure details out of the cases he assigns. Then, I'll read for some of my Tuesday classes. 

On Tuesdays I have Criminal Law, Civil Procedure, and Torts. I always read for Criminal Law and Civil Procedure on Mondays. Depending on how much reading there is for those two classes determines whether I read for Torts on Mondays as well. Usually though, I leave Torts until Tuesday.


After my two morning classes, I read for my afternoon class, Torts. Then, it's on to Wednesday's readings for Criminal Law. Like I mentioned above, I usually don't have a ton of reading for Lawyering Process, so I'll focus on my Criminal Law reading and the assignment I have for Lawyering Process, if there is one. 


I have the same schedule on Thursdays as I do on Tuesdays, so I basically keep the same reading schedule. The one thing that changes is that I have my entire afternoon free because my last class ends at 11:40 a.m., so I'll read for all three Thursday classes: Criminal Law, Civil Procedure, and Torts.


The cool thing about prepping for Fridays is that I only have one class! It's nice to focus most of my attention on reading for Friday's Civil Procedure class. This also means I have more time to work on other things like memos, outlines, and stuff for this blog. 


I don't usually read for the next week's classes on Fridays because I prefer to have the readings fresh in my mind when I go to class. Fridays are usually reserved for extra work on assignments that aren't readings. 




  1. You are doing a great job. Some day you will read for the enjoyment of it again.


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