My Favorite Fall Clothing Basics

I absolutely love fall. In addition to all the obvious things you'll definitely be seeing all over my social media, one of the biggest reasons I adore this season is the clothing. Getting all bundled up in sweaters and tights and comfy boots is just the best way to dress in my opinion.

Take a look at some of my go-to's for fall down below!

Black Boots

Black boots are my go-to shoe for whatever outfit I'm wearing during the fall. It's a perfect dark neutral that goes with literally anything and everything in my closet. Even though I wear these boots pretty much year-round, they're a staple for me once the leaves change color.

Plaid/Checked Skirt

The greatest part about a skirt like this is that I can match it with tons of different shirts in my closet. Whether it's a black v-neck or a band tee, this skirt goes with everything. It's also perfect for layering (just add those cute knee socks down below or maybe a pair of tights, and you're all set to take a crisp walk across campus).

Layering Turtlenecks

I'm kind of addicted to buying tops like these, especially because they're perfect for layering. I usually pair the black t-shirt with a flowy skirt and my oversized denim jacket, and the white tank is perfect under some overalls and, of course, topped with the same oversized denim jacket.

Knee Socks

Right now in Colorado, it's that strange time of year where it's cold in the mornings and 80 degrees in the afternoon. Knee socks are the perfect way to deal with this, because I don't have to deal with tights for the entire day and I can push them down if I get too warm.

Long-Sleeve Turtlenecks

Because I bought this adorable turtleneck during the summer when it was on sale, I haven't had a chance to wear it during the fall yet. But don't worry, that's going to change ASAP. I already have plenty of outfits planned out in my head that involve this top.

Pinafore Dresses

As you can tell, I love to layer during the fall. Dresses like the one above and the one paired with the striped turtleneck above are the perfect way to dress up but still feel comfortable. I tend to buy dresses like these in solid colors so I can have more leeway with the tops I pair with them.

70s-Inspired Jeans

I have been obsessively wearing these jeans. They're super high-waisted and flair out at the bottom, so I can't help but fall in love with them every time I catch my reflection while wearing them. They're easy to dress up or dress down, so I can go from wearing them to class to grabbing a drink with some friends.

Neutral Tops

Once again, I'm all for layering during the fall. Tops like the one above go great with literally anything and will never go out of style due to their neutral colors. Just like the jeans I have above, tops like this are easy to dress up or dress down depending on what you're doing for the day.

Thrifted Jeans

Nothing feels like a great pair of worn-in, thrifted jeans. I'm obsessed with these ones that my mom gave me. I can wear them all day and never feel uncomfortable because they're just the best.

Denim Jacket

I definitely wear this jacket way too much, but I can't help myself. It's the perfect way to put on an extra layer for my chilly morning walks to the law building. My favorite way to wear this jacket is over a dress or a skirt.


I am oh so glad that overalls are back in style. I'm obsessed with my denim pair and the patterned pair in the picture above. These ones are so dang comfy and I can't get over it. They're such a fun statement piece, too, and I always get compliments about them.




  1. I love fall too. Hope you enjoy seeing your new home this year and how beautiful it is going to be.


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