Halloween Costumes You Can Find in Your Closet

'Tis the (spooky) season, everybody!

Halloween is easily my favorite holiday, and I love to go all-out for it. However, things are pretty busy for me right now, and I'm sure that's the same for a lot of you. The good thing about Halloween, though, is that there are plenty of costumes you can make on your own with limited time and limited funds.

Get some costume inspiration from your own closet with the ideas below.



All you need to complete this outfit are some bell bottom jeans, a crop top or a tie-dye shirt, and tons of accessories. Some ideas are round sunglasses, bandanas, flowers, and chunky jewelry.

Rosie the Riveter

In my opinion, this is probably one of the easiest costumes to make from what you already own. Put together a pair of jeans, a chambray top, and a red bandana and you're good to go.

Sandy from Grease

This one is a classic, and no matter what, everyone will know what you're dressed as. Grab a pair of legging or black jeans, a black off-the-shoulder top, red heels, and a leather jacket and you're good to go.


This is a classic costume. Grab a little black dress, some tights, and a pair of black shoes (I'd personally go with some black boots) and you'll look magical.


If you want to be comfy and warm all night, this is the costume for you. Put together some overalls, a hat, and a sweater and you're all set.

Kim Possible

What's the sitch? If you were anything like me growing up, you wanted to be Kim Possible, and now you have the chance. Green cargo pants, a black shirt, and some accessories are all you need to save the world.

Wednesday Addams

If you're looking for something super simple, go for this costume. Get a black dress, a white collared shirt, some black tights, and braid your hair.

Elle Woods

If you want to show off how much you love law school, go for the all-pink ensemble of Elle Woods. Props to you if you also have a dog to tote around in your purse.




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