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My Weekly Reading Schedule

Figuring out how to tackle all the reading in law school was a bit of a challenge for me. I've always liked reading, but reading for law school is WAY different from reading for leisure. However, now that I'm over halfway done with my first semester of law school, I've finally figured out the best way for me to get all my readings done. Sundays I read ahead for Mondays on Sundays. On Monday I have Lawyering Process and Torts, so I'll focus on those two classes. There's usually not a ton of reading for Lawyering Process, but I'll often have some research due or need to bring in part of a memo for peer editing.  Mondays Between my two classes, I'll review my torts reading to make sure I'm ready in case I get cold called--my Torts professor asks for the most obscure details out of the cases he assigns. Then, I'll read for some of my Tuesday classes.  On Tuesdays I have Criminal Law, Civil Procedure, and Torts. I always read for

Halloween Costumes You Can Find in Your Closet

'Tis the (spooky) season, everybody! Halloween is easily my favorite holiday, and I love to go all-out for it. However, things are pretty busy for me right now, and I'm sure that's the same for a lot of you. The good thing about Halloween, though, is that there are plenty of costumes you can make on your own with limited time and limited funds. Get some costume inspiration from your own closet with the ideas below. Hippie Source All you need to complete this outfit are some bell bottom jeans, a crop top or a tie-dye shirt, and tons of accessories. Some ideas are round sunglasses, bandanas, flowers, and chunky jewelry. Rosie the Riveter Source In my opinion, this is probably one of the easiest costumes to make from what you already own. Put together a pair of jeans, a chambray top, and a red bandana and you're good to go. Sandy from Grease Source This one is a classic, and no matter what, everyone will know what you're dressed as. Grab

How to Tab Your Books

Recently, I've been really getting into tabbing my books. It's so helpful when I'm trying to find something quickly. But when I first began tabbing my books, I wasn't sure what information was going to be important or where I should even begin. I've slowly been figuring it out throughout the semester and I finally feel as if I've gotten the hang out it now. The easiest way for me to explain how this works is through my Bluebook. I use it pretty much all the time, and the tabs on it are a lifesaver when I'm trying to get through the billions of citations in my memos. Also, because I'm only in my first semester, I only have casebooks for half of the first year core classes. First off, it's best to figure out a color coding scheme so you know which section of your Bluebook you're referring to. Right now, I have my tables as pink, my blue pages as blue, and my white pages as yellow. Even though the Bluebook has colored pages to let you kno

My Favorite Fall Clothing Basics

I absolutely love fall. In addition to all the obvious things you'll definitely be seeing all over my social media, one of the biggest reasons I adore this season is the clothing. Getting all bundled up in sweaters and tights and comfy boots is just the best way to dress in my opinion. Take a look at some of my go-to's for fall down below! Black Boots Black boots are my go-to shoe for whatever outfit I'm wearing during the fall. It's a perfect dark neutral that goes with literally anything and everything in my closet. Even though I wear these boots pretty much year-round, they're a staple for me once the leaves change color. Plaid/Checked Skirt The greatest part about a skirt like this is that I can match it with tons of different shirts in my closet. Whether it's a black v-neck or a band tee, this skirt goes with everything. It's also perfect for layering (just add those cute knee socks down below or maybe a pair of tights, and you're