What's in My Backpack?

My backpack follows me everywhere I go, just like any other law student. So, of course, I carry a lot of my life in there. Now that I'm basically living on campus, it's kind of like I'm carrying a second home on my back throughout the day.

Every time I figure out something new that I should keep with me, it immediately finds its place in one of the many pockets on my backpack. Now that I'm almost a month into law school, I thought I'd share with you what I keep in my backpack at all times.

Mini stapler

This is always one of the most useful things I have with me. It's a great way to appear like you're on top of your game, and it's also a great way to meet friends--people really appreciate someone who has a stapler with them.

A snack

There is that point of the day where I inevitably get hungry, but it's too early or too late to make or buy an actual meal. In the mornings, I like to throw in a granola bar or some yoga into my backpack or lunchbox so I have something to snack on later in the day.

Travel coffee mug

Coffee is love, coffee is life, am I right? There's free coffee all over my law building, so long as you bring your own mug or cup. Just to make sure I can always access the free coffee, I put a travel mug in my backpack every night so I can start the day off right.

My planner

I feel like this one might go without saying, but it's still important to mention it in my opinion. My planner is where I keep my detailed plan for the day, so it's essential that I have it nearby so I can check it at any time.


Unfortunately, my lips are pretty much always chapped (yay). There's a pretty good chance there's more than one chapstick floating around in my backpack, but I keep the one I'm using one of the mesh pockets on the side for easy access.


While I leave my casebooks in my locker when I'm not using them, I keep my notebook in my backpack so I can reference them at any time. I keep notes in both my computer and in my notebooks, so I know I can rely on them whenever I need to check something quickly.


There's a pretty good chance that at some point during the day I'm going to be walking toward the sun, whether it's while I'm running home during our lunch hour or walking to the law building first thing in the morning. Having an extra pair in my backpack just in case I forget the pair I usually wear is oh so helpful.

Glasses, travel contact case and contact solution

Considering I stare at a screen and casebooks all day, it's no surprise that my eyes get dry sometimes. When it gets late in the night and I can't stand to wear my contacts any longer, it's such a relief to take them out and put my glasses on.

What do you keep in your backpack?




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