Law School vs. Undergrad: Syllabus Week Comparisions

Syllabus week was always great in undergrad. There's nothing like starting school again after a summer of being lazy and having an easy week to help you get back into the swing of things.

Of course, as I progressed through my major, syllabus week did involve a little more work, but it was always a relaxing time to only begin putting my brain back into school mode.

The first week of law school is nothing like that.

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I knew beforehand that I'd have advanced assignments, so going over those readings wasn't a shock to me. In reality, the biggest shock was how long the week seemed to drag on. As much fun as I was having getting to know my classmates and learning new material, I was exhausted.

Things seemed to constantly be happening and I felt like I didn't have any time to not think about my classes. I knew things would be busy, but going from taking a year off to spending more time at the law building than my own apartment was a bit of a rude awakening at first.

Don't get me wrong, I am loving every moment of law school--it's exactly where I want to be and I still feel that way. However, syllabus week gave me a lot to get used to right off the bat.

Now that I've discussed some of the biggest differences between syllabus week in law school and syllabus week in undergrad, I thought I'd mention some of the similarities as well.

You still go over the syllabus, albeit in a quicker fashion. While it didn't take up a whole lot of class time, my professors mentioned the most important parts of their syllabi, as well as how their assignment schedules should be viewed.

There was also plenty of time for my professors to tell us all a little bit about themselves, which was nice to hear. I've found it helpful in office hours when I'm looking for something to talk about to bring up something they mentioned about themselves--after all, who doesn't like to talk about themselves and their careers?




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