How to Set Up Your Planner for Law School

Although I have previously written about how I set up my planner, things have definitely changed since I started law school. I've begun to organize things differently, and, with how busy my schedule has become, it's essential to keep everything as clear as possible so I don't go crazy.

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I'm still using my Happy Planner, and I do plan on buying another one for 2020, so my planner setup is based on the three rows that make up every week. I also make use of the "check it off" and "don't forget" areas in each weekly setup.

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Going from left to right in my planner, there are the two sections I mentioned above, as well as a small monthly calendar.

On the month calendar, I highlight which week of the month this weekly spread covers. I think it's a great way to stay present when I can glance ahead quickly and not have to spend too much time flipping through the pages to figure things out.

Under the "don't forget" section, I usually put a few motivational stickers there so, whenever I'm feeling down or a bit too stressed during the week, I can look at those stickers and remember to take a deep breath.

The "check it off" part is for things I absolutely have to do each week. Lately, this section has been focused on the additional classes I'm taking for a certificate in legal research that's offered at my law school.

Like I mentioned above, there are three rows in every weekly spread. I try to keep each row focused on one or two things so I always know where to look for certain information.

The top row is reserved for homework. I tend to write down my reading assignments in the order that I have my classes so I can go down it like a check list.

In the middle, I include extracurricular activities and my workouts for the day. Basically, it's a ton of reminders for applications, free lunch talks, and whatever I plan to focus on at the gym that day.

Last but not least, the bottom row is reserved for office hours, review sessions, and TA office hours. I've written down the information for all my professors and TAs each day, but I highlight the ones I plan on attending in yellow so they stand out.

I also utilize the monthly spreads that are sprinkled throughout my planner. These sections are not as detailed as what I have in my weekly spreads, but I do like to include important appointments and events so I can quickly look over my month whenever I need to.

I tend to put a lot of motivational stuff into my monthly spreads. At the end of each month, I write down three things I'm grateful for from the past month, and I include several stickers underneath a small box called "Monthly Mantra."

How do you set up your planners?




  1. Love this simple set up. Whole I simply write my to do list then make a timetable, I do feel it had becomes in adequate. So I am going try this method!

  2. That's something I've never seen before, thanks for the idea. I'm looking for better ways to come up with time management and this is inspiring.


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