Masterpost: Applying to Law School

There are plenty of moving pieces that go into your law school applications, and it can be a lot to keep track of. If you're getting ready to apply or have already started applying, I thought it would be a good idea to compile my blog posts about applying to law school here in one place.


Why Law School?

Everyone decides to go to law school for different reasons, and in this blog you can learn all about why I want to be a lawyer and attend law school.

How to Decide Where to Apply to Law School

There are tons of factors that go into figuring out where you want to apply. It's a hard choice to make, and navigating through all the positive language on law schools' websites is stressful. Narrow down your applications with this blog.

A Look at my Applications

In case you wondered where I decided to apply and why I chose those law schools, check out this blog!

Personal Statement Tips

Don't be like me and obsess over your personal statement at the risk of the other components of your applications. Keep your stress levels low with some of the tips in this blog.

Resume Essentials and Tips

Resumes are so important in your professional life, and they're important in your law school applications, too. Your legal resume will be different from the resume you may have used while in undergrad.

How to Get Killer Letters of Rec

No matter what, you'll need letters of recommendation at many different points of your life and career. Applications put a focus on letters of rec because you can say anything and everything great about yourself, but hearing from others puts emphasis on your good qualities.

Nail Your Law School Visit

If you're going to be spending a lot of time (plenty of money) at a law school, you should definitely check it out in person first. In this blog, you'll find tips about making the most of your visit, as well as what questions you should ask.

How to Deal with Being Waitlisted

Being waitlisted sucks, period. But, hey, at least there's good company there. Plenty of people get put on the waitlist, but it's not the end of the world.

How to Write a Letter of Continuing Interest

A letter of continuing interest can be your saving grace if you end up on the waitlist for one of your top schools. This blog will help you learn how to write one and why it can be so important.




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