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My First Week of Law School

I'm somehow already done with my first week of law school! It's unreal because it seems as if I've been thinking about this forever and now it's actually here. I'm about halfway through my second week as you're reading this, and things are already feeling easier. Even though I enjoyed every moment of last week, it seemed like it was dragging on at some points. I thought I'd spend today's blog telling you all about my first week of classes, and make sure to check out my goals for this semester, too! Day 1: Monday, August 19 Classes: Lawyering Process I and Torts Today's the day! Even though I only had two classes today and there was a fair amount of time in between the two of them, I still found myself in the law building all day socializing and getting my readings done for Tuesday. Even though my first class doesn't start until 10:30 a.m., I got to campus a little before 9 a.m. because I signed up for a class to learn more about

Law School Orientation Overview

On this past Saturday morning, I called my mom for the billionth time that week to tell her how my last day of orientation went. I babbled on and on about how much this past week had really solidified my decision to move across the country for law school. I feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by so many like-minded people and at a law school that genuinely cares about its students. Orientation week was a long week, but it's made me even more pumped to be taking on this journey called law school. Day 1 Shoes from Old Navy , top from Dry Goods , pants were thrifted The first two days of my orientation week were the busiest, filled with tons of speeches and lectures about academic success, mental health, and more. After checking in and grabbing some coffee, my roommate and I took a seat to wait for the welcome address to begin. The dean of the law school, the chancellor of the University of Denver, and the president of the Student Bar Association spoke to us for about

Essential Law School Supplies

I have always loved shopping for school supplies. I'm not sure if it's because I find shopping to be fun or it's nice to have a false feeling of productivity, but shopping for law school supplies was no different. Despite reading plenty of articles and blog posts about what supplies to get as a 1L, I still felt a little overwhelmed wandering through the aisles of Walmart grabbing bargain supplies. Here's a quick list of what I ended up buying and why I thought I'd be needing it. Binders I bought four 1/2-inch binders to hold onto any loose papers I may get in my classes, as well as to use them to stay organized for exams once those come along. I'm not sure if only 1/2-inch rings will be enough space, but I can always get new binders if need be! Spiral Notebooks I've never been one to use my laptop in class to take notes, so I bought a notebook for each class I'll be taking this semester. I always remember more information if I write

Explore Denver with Me

Well, I've made it. It feels as if I've been counting down to my move to Denver for years now, but I'm finally here! Of course, one of the biggest reasons I chose to move out almost a month before classes begin is to get comfortable with my new surroundings before the hectic schedule of law school starts. So, I've been roaming around my new stomping grounds and learning all about Denver. Although I've been all over the city now, I thought it'd be a great idea to highlight some of my favorite places so far here in Denver in today's post. The State Capitol Building and the Colorado Supreme Court/Court of Appeals Although I was in a bit of a rush seeing all this (my mom had to head back to the airport to fly home), I knew I had to stop with her to see the capitol building and the courts. We didn't go inside either of them, but I know that I'll have more time by myself to take a tour. The biggest reason my mom wanted to see the State C

Masterpost: Applying to Law School

There are plenty of moving pieces that go into your law school applications, and it can be a lot to keep track of. If you're getting ready to apply or have already started applying, I thought it would be a good idea to compile my blog posts about applying to law school here in one place. Enjoy! Why Law School? Everyone decides to go to law school for different reasons, and in this blog you can learn all about why I want to be a lawyer and attend law school. How to Decide Where to Apply to Law School There are tons of factors that go into figuring out where you want to apply. It's a hard choice to make, and navigating through all the positive language on law schools' websites is stressful. Narrow down your applications with this blog. A Look at my Applications In case you wondered where I decided to apply and why I chose those law schools, check out this blog! Personal Statement Tips Don't be like me and obsess over your personal statement at the ris