The Best of Both Worlds: Why I Use Both Online and Physical Planners

This might be a little strange, but I prefer to use two planners at the same time. I always carry around my physical planner, but I also keep track of my day on Google Calendar.

I've been told that some people find this kind of strange and I get a lot of questions about how this works. How do I remember to write things down in both of them? Which one do I check for certain things?

Today, I thought I'd elaborate on why I use two planners and why I think it's the best option for someone as busy as I am.

I've always been somebody who remembers information better if I write it down a few times first. People have asked me before why I choose to always hand write my notes for all of my classes, and I always tell them that it's so I can remember more information. We've all spent plenty of time getting lectured in class about how using your laptop to take notes is worse for your grades than handwritten notes, and, as cliche as it sounds, it's true.

Despite using two planners, I set them up differently. In my Google Calendar, I focus more on the time of events, such as how long my work shift will be, what time I plan on going to the gym, and when I have class or a meeting. Anything that I can put a time to, you can find in my Google Calendar.

A screenshot of my Google Calendar during one of my busier weeks during my senior year of undergrad. 

In my physical planner, which I use a bit more often than my Google Calendar, there are some similarities between the two. For both, I include final exams, meetings, dinner with friends, work, workouts, and more.

A photo of a few days from last month in my planner. 

However, I put a lot more detail into my actual planner. I'll write down reminders, tasks or chores for the day, goals, to do lists, specific workouts, homework, and quizzes or tests. My Google Calendar is very basic, and just gives a general idea of what I'll be doing and where I'll be throughout the day, while my planner is where I'll jot things down whenever they cross my mind during the day.

I'd definitely recommend using two types of planners for anybody else who loves to keep track of their days and have busy schedules just like me. No matter where I'm at, I'm able to check my calendar to make sure I'm staying on schedule and on track of my to do lists.




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