Let's Talk Insecurity

Everybody feels insecure sometimes, it's human nature.

And it sucks.

I'm no stranger to insecurity; after all, my anxiety can be horrible sometimes, and feeling unsure about myself and my actions comes along with that. There are plenty of ways that insecurity can creep up on you: following a traumatic event, living in a specific environment, and more. After all, there's no specific thing that people know will contribute to a feeling of insecurity.

In my opinion, one of the worst parts of feeling insecure is how it can affect your life, relationships, job, and more. Even though I know that I may be doubting myself or worrying too in-depth about something, I can't help but feel insecure in my thoughts about many different situations.

While doing my research about insecurity, a lot of the information I found reminded me of impostor syndrome, which I wrote about in this series a while back. It's always been easy for me to doubt myself, especially in regards to my schoolwork and intelligence, even though I've spent most of my life doing well in my classes. Plenty of mental health issues are connected to each other, and I definitely feel as if there's something between these two issues.

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The best way to combat insecurity is to try and figure out where it stems from. If you can find out what it is that is bothering you on a subconscious level, you can fight it consciously.

Another way to look at how to battle your insecurities is to confront them head-on. For example, say you're insecure about your body or your looks. You can spend a few moments each morning looking at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself one thing you like about yourself. It may feel odd at first, but, after some time, it'll become a part of your routine and will become more natural.

I can't give any one way to overcome your insecurities; I'm a big believer that everybody's mental health is unique and that different techniques for dealing with mental illnesses work for each and every person.

Insecurity is something that I think we all have to battle with throughout our lives. It'll pop up at different times and with different intensities, but there's always a way to get through it. It takes time to figure out what works best for you, and it's best to work hard to learn your mind.




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