Why I'm Excited for Law School

As I sit down and write this, I've just gotten approved for a Denver apartment with my roommate, I've booked my one-way flight, and I'm waiting on my class schedule for my first semester of law school.

Holy guacamole. Things are getting REAL.

Ever since I actually sent in my law school applications, I've just been dying to actually start. My excitement is so real, and I thought that to keep my emotions high (and so I can reread this when the reality of law school hits me) I would talk about why I'm excited for law school to start.

More opportunities to learn

I've always loved to learn new information, no matter where I learn it, whether it's in a classroom or on my own time. I know that law school is going to be absolutely full of opportunities to stuff even more things into my brain.

In addition to learning new information, I also love learning more about myself and my abilities. One of the most important parts of my undergrad experience was getting into leadership positions that challenged me and made me grow as a person. No matter what law school throws at me, I know that I'll learn more about myself and what I'm capable of through perseverance.

The academic challenge

I tend to get bored in class if I find the material too easy. I'd much rather take the time to really think something over until I have a great understanding of it. The law, while there are plenty of rules, is full of "what if's" and exceptions to exceptions, so I already know I'm going to have to work hard to get through my classes.

Location, location, location

For some reason, I've always been drawn to Colorado. Before I officially decided to take a gap year and go to law school, I applied to a ton of jobs in Colorado, including Denver. Even though I applied to eight law schools, two of them were in Colorado and I didn't apply to more than one school in any other state.

I'm excited to be starting a new adventure in a new state, especially somewhere I've always wanted to visit or live in. I know that I'll be spending a ton of my time on campus and in the law building, but I can't wait to see what Denver has to offer.

New friends 

During undergrad, I was a journalism major, and most of my close friends had majors in engineering or within the sciences. Of course, I love them all to pieces, but it's going to be nice to have what we're learning in common with my friends in law school. There were too many times where I'd be lost in a conversation because I had never taken Differential Equations as a math class (thank goodness!)




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