Looking Toward June

Happy June!

I feel like I say this in every monthly post, but how is it already June? Summer is here (although you wouldn't be able to tell here in Chicago with the endless rain), and I'm on a quick countdown to starting law school, just like I'm sure a lot of you are.

Things seem to be happening quickly now that I've paid my two tuition deposits and have submitted all the necessary paperwork to actually attend law school. I've found roommates, we're finishing up the apartment hunt, and I'm waiting until next month to get my orientation week and class schedules. Oh, boy. It's really happening guys.

Here's a quick recap of my goals from last month:
  • Reach 650 Instagram followers (check!)
  • Reach 20 email followers (check!)
  • Write in my journal every morning (very close to every morning, but no cigar!)
  • Put a big focus on my health and diet (check!)
My goals for June are similar to last month's:
  • Find an apartment and sign a lease
  • 700 Instagram followers
  • 300 Pinterest followers
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day
  • Better self care habits
My Monthly Favorites

In all honesty, I probably spend waaaay too much time sniffing this mask--it smells just like freshly-brewed coffee! It's a great way to start off the morning, and, because you're supposed to leave it on for about 15 minutes, it gives me some time to meditate and get ready for my day. 

Toner has been a proponent of my skincare routine since high school, but this past year, I stopped for whatever reason. While on a trip to Target, I decided to get back into using a toner and stumbled upon this one. I'm obsessed with it now. I've been using it for about two or three weeks, and the difference in my skin is crazy. 

I'm trying to get more into meditation and deep breathing, and have been on the hunt for an app so I have an option on the go. In comes Oak. I love the daily quotes about meditation and how simple the interface is. If you're looking for a way to get into meditation, I'd definitely recommend this app. 

As you can imagine from the fact that one of my goals this month is to finalize my apartment search, I've been scrounging the web for a place to live with my roommates. Zillow has been a lifesaver, and it's where we've found most of our options for apartments. 

Rachel Zoe Jumpsuit from TJ Maxx

It's jumpsuit szn, folks! I love having the ability to layer things and create new outfits every time I wear this jumpsuit. It's light and airy enough to wear with a t-shirt when it's warm out, but I can still layer a sweater underneath for fall. 




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