Law School-Bound Grad Cap Inspiration

Congrats, grads! If you're heading to law school come August and you want to let everyone know when you walk across the stage at graduation? Check out these awesome graduation caps for some crafty inspiration.

1. Conservatively Legally Blonde-inspired

2. In case anybody has any questions about what's next

3. Classy and minimalist

4. Now loading...

5. Loud and proud for everyone to see

6. Where are you headed now?

7.  For those who want to make a difference

8. Where you've come from and where you're going

9. Lilly Pulitzer-inspired

10. Pink and glittery, just the way Elle would like it

11. Sparkly Legally Blonde

12. Ready to judge? 

13. A Harry Truman-inspired quote

14. Legally Blonde and some blue

15. Sweet and simple

16. School colors (and even more Legally Blonde)

17. Looking toward the future

18. Elle's amazing sense of fashion (and quotes)

19. Illustratedly simple

20. Listing it all out

21. Partners in crime

22. Monotone and simple

23. Pearls and squares

24. Shine bright like a diamond

25. Short, sweet, and to the point

26. Checking it all off

27. The future is yours

28. Case closed

29. Where are you headed now? 

30. Elle Woods-isnpired and flowers

31. Lots of pink for your future

32. Shockingly--more inspiration from Legally Blonde




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