TV Shows for Law Students

Of course, there's a lot of studying in law school, but sometimes you need a bit of a break. If you're looking for something new to binge watch but want to avoid the guilt of straying too far from anything law-related, check out some of my favorite law shows to watch.

How to Get Away with Murder

If you like drama and a badass female lawyer, check out How to Get Away with Murder. Although I'm sure my 1L year won't be as exciting as the students in this show, it's still worth the watch. I've only just began watching this show, but I'm already hooked. 

The People v. OJ Simpson

Not going to lie--I watched this all over the course of two afternoons. Oops. The entire cast is fantastic and it's awesome to see this story unfold with them. While growing up, I only knew of the basics of the OJ case, so it was interesting to learn about all the details. 

The Staircase

This Netflix original caught my attention because of its look into the details of a murder trial and how the actual trial is only a small part of the justice system. It's super easy to watch this and it draws you in for a lazy day of binge-watching. 


This show follows college dropout Mike after he gets a job at a New York law firm despite never attending law school, as well as his struggle to keep his secret. If you're a fan of the British royal family as well, you can watch Meghan Markle, too. 

Better Call Saul

If you're a fan of Breaking Bad, it's a great idea to check out this spinoff about the origin story of the character Saul Goodman as he goes from conman to lawyer. 

LA Law

This award-winning show follows the lawyers of a Los Angeles firm through many different controversial cases. I think it's great that this show brought forward important topics that are still discussed today. 

Law & Order (and its spinoff series)

There's nothing like the format of a Law & Order episode, with its first half full of criminal investigations and its second half in the court room. Also, who can forget those catchy theme songs? 




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