Shake Up Your Study Routine

It's easy to get stuck in a rut with studying; you force yourself into it, drag it out for a few hours, and then finally stop and move on with your day. Keeping yourself motivated while studying can be hard, but all you need is a little creativity and some time.

All of the tips I've included below are ones I've tried out--after spending hours sitting in the main library on campus, I needed something new to keep me from pulling my hair out in boredom and frustration.

Move Around

Like I wrote above, I spent a lot of time in the main library study for the majority of my undergrad career. However, once I started studying for the LSAT and working on my Writing Certificate capstone project (still proud of myself for all those pages I wrote and edited to death), I moved to a cafe in the downtown area of my college town.

It was great to take my headphones out and just listen to the low rumble of people talking and the quiet sounds coming from the speakers placed throughout the building. I also appreciated the breaks I'd get when I'd see somebody I knew or walked up to the front to grab a snack or a glass of water after finishing my cappuccino or iced coffee.

Teach Someone Else

If you can explain something to someone else, you know that you understand the material. Even if it's only your dog, talking out loud through some of your tougher subjects can help you memorize information and feel more confident in what you know.

Find Motivation From Others

I've had a Tumblr since I was in high school, and I eventually found myself in the #studyspo tag looking at gorgeous photos of notes and study setups. I loved looking through them and finding inspiration for what to do with my own time studying.

Here's some self promo for you: if you're looking for some studyspo, check out my Pinterest board of the same name--after all, why should I focus on my own studying when I can just look at pretty pictures on the Internet?




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