LSAT Overview: Reading Comprehension

As nerdy as it sounds, I've always enjoyed the reading sections of standardized tests. It definitely comes from my love for reading, but, hey, at least it made the reading comprehension section of the LSAT easier for me.

However, there are still plenty of aspects that make this section challenging--from the content of the passages to the time crunch. I've included some tips below to help you with your LSAT studying.

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Pay Attention

While it may seem as if there's not enough time to gather more information than needed when you read each passage, there are still ways to ensure you're understanding the passage as a whole. You should be looking for the main point, the arguments, different viewpoints mentioned in the passage (both those of the author and those of whoever is quoted in the section), and the tone of the passage.

The most useful thing for me was to use a highlighter and my pencil to mark all this information down. Highlight whatever sentences or paragraphs provide insight to these pieces of the passage, and then use your pencil to make a note of what that highlight demonstrates. I'd recommend using abbreviations so you can make sure to read the passage with enough time to answer questions.

Extra tip: highlighting will help you with time management because you won't have to speed-read through the passage to find answers.

Check the Clock

Like I mentioned above, timing is very important in the reading comprehension section. On average, based on pretty much everything I read in my anxiety before the LSAT, you should spend about eight to nine minutes on each passage and question set.

When I focused on the reading comp section, I figured out my own time blocks to keep me on track during those quick 35 minutes. In the end, I tried to spend around three minutes reading and marking up the passage, and then the remaining five or so minutes answering questions and looking back at my notes.

Other Tips

One my favorite things I read while studying for the reading comp section came from the Powerscore LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible: if you're dreading this section, expect to find something interesting in each passage, because there will probably be something in there that catches your attention.

Just like in any other LSAT section, it's super important to figure out your own strengths and weaknesses in each section and use those to your advantage when studying and actually taking the LSAT.

Good luck with your studying!




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