Looking Toward May

Happy May, everyone!

Thank goodness it's finally spring--I'm so sick of the cold weather up here in Chicago and I'm looking forward to being able to spend more time outside.

Now that I've decided where I'll be going to law school, I'm counting down the days until August 19 and I'm trying to figure out all the logistics of moving to a different state.

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Here's a recap of my goals from April:
  • Reach 600 followers on Instagram (not quite yet!)
  • Reach 150 followers on Pinterest (check!)
  • Work ahead on all blog posts and graphics (check!)
  • Hear back on the rest of my applications (check!)
  • Make an official decision for law school (check!)
  • Reach 15 email subscribers (check!)

May Goals
  • Reach 650 Instagram followers
  • Reach 20 email followers
  • Write in my journal every morning
  • Put a big focus on my health and diet
May Favorites

Preview App

Via Preview App
I've been trying to up my Instagram game recently, and this app is definitely helping me out so much. It allows you to connect your Instagram account and look at your feed layout before posting. It's definitely giving me more control over how my feed looks to my followers and potential new followers to draw them in.

Active by Popsugar

Via iTunes Store
Like I mentioned above in my May goals, I'm putting a huge focus on my physical health this month. Active, an app by Popsugar, is super helpful for this. It's free, which is a big plus, and you can use videos and printable workouts for cardio and strength training. 

Law 101

I've been reading up on law school recently so I don't go in completely blind (although I'm sure I'll still be blindsided from the moment I start my 1L year!), and this is one of the books I bought for that. Even though it's not specifically about law school, it's a super interesting read, especially if you're into the small details of the law. 

Oh look, another piece of clothing from Dry Goods on my favorites list! These are so dang comfy and look fantastic when paired with a basic white t-shirt. Whenever I wear them, I always get tons of compliments, and it's easy to both dress up and dress down these pants. 




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