Law School Confidential Review

Although I know they're not going to tell me what my law school experience will be like, I bought some law school prep books and decided to look through them to get an overview of law school, especially the first year.

After reading 1L of a Ride by Andrew McClurg, I took on Law School Confidential by Robert H. Miller. I really liked how this book was laid out; while 1L of a Ride was solely about the first year of law school (obviously), Law School Confidential focuses on the entire journey from the application process to graduation. I loved the in-depth look of 1L of a Ride, but I also loved the large overview Law School Confidential gives.

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This book brought so much stuff to my attention that I haven't ever thought of before, like judicial clerkships after graduation and how to evaluate myself on my academic performance after exams. It also helped that the writing in this book is very conversational and feels like you're hearing it from a trusted mentor.

In addition to the main author Miller, there are also quotes from 15 recent law school graduates in a variety of specialties, schools, and opinions on how beneficial law school was for them in the long run.

There's a great deal of content within this book, and I liked that the author mixed up examples, interviews, and general writing to keep the reader interested. I really appreciated that there were written-out examples of resumes, cover letters, inquiry letters, etc. There's also a big focus on the different places each individual student could be at during any point of their law school career.

While there were some times that I thought the book might have gotten a little too negative about the law school experience, especially at the beginning of the book. Although I understand that law school isn't for every person, it really felt as if Miller was trying to convince his readers to not attend law school.

Like I mentioned above, there is some negativity within the book, but I can also see the positives of this. It was nice to see both sides of the story from former students who said they would do law school again if they had the chance and those who wouldn't repeat the experience.

I'd definitely recommend this book overall, especially if you're trying to make a general long-term plan in regards to law school. I've even given this book to my mom per her request because she wants to get a glimpse of what my life will be like in law school.




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