Why I Chose Denver Law

Deciding on a law school is a big decision for every future law student--not only are you going to be receiving your education from there, but you'll also get all your student experience at the law school and in the area surrounding it.

I chose to attend the University of Denver for plenty of reasons. Although I did a lot of research before officially applying, after I submitted all my applications I continued to dig even deeper into each law school's website to find more information. The main reasons that swayed me to accept DU's offer were the student life, specializations, the focus on experiential learning, and the focus on mental health.

While in undergrad, I was involved in a lot of different student organizations, and they became where I met most of my friends and spent a lot of my time outside of class. Obviously, I can't spend most of my time in law school with student organization work; however, for the few organizations that I'm interested in, DU offers some great options. There are law reviews, the Intellectual Property Law Society, the DU Women's Legal Coalition, and the DU Law Outdoor Club. I know I won't be able to dedicate some of my time to each organization, but I know I'll be looking into each of them when I get to campus.

Right now, I'm very interested in Intellectual Property Law, among other areas. At DU, I have the ability to specialize in IP Law, and the classes that are about different subjects in IP Law are super intriguing to me, even if I don't choose to specialize in the long run.

I've always been someone who learns best when I have the chance to practice something firsthand, which is why I love DU's focus on experiential learning. They have a live client guarantee for all students in the law school, and that's how I know I'll get the most out of my legal education. After researching what recruiters are looking for in law students they plan to hire, I noticed that many firms and jobs want hires who have live experience with clients and with their legal writing skills.

As someone who has struggled with mental illness for most of her life, my parents' biggest worry with me going to law school is how I will deal with my depression and anxiety. Naturally, I was a bit worried about this, too. But, DU has such a great focus on law student mental health that it's quelling my anxiety about it. Information about their daily yoga classes, meditation sessions, and more on a single website page, so I know I can always find something to help me out if I'm feeling overwhelmed.

In addition to everything I mentioned above, I've always been drawn to Colorado, so I'm super pumped to have the opportunity to live and work there.

Stay tuned for even more of my excitement about Colorado and DU as I get closer to beginning law school!




  1. I'm an incoming 1L as well and I'm also interested in IP Law! I look forward to reading about your journey and wish you the best of luck!

    1. Thank you so much! Good luck to you as well!


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