Looking Towards April

Okay, how is it already April?

2019 sure feels like it's flying by--this is my fourth monthly post that I'm writing already for this year alone. How crazy!

April means a lot for me, especially this year. The first seat deposits for the University of Denver and the University of Miami are due during the second week of April (oh boy), and I'm expecting to hear back from the rest of the schools I applied to sometime this month.

March was a good month for me, especially based on the goals I set in my March blog post. Here's a recap of those goals:

  • Reach 500 followers on Instagram (check!)
  • Hear back from at least three law schools (check!)
  • Focus on self care (check!)
  • Diversify my social media content, especially on Pinterest and Instagram (check!)

April Goals

  • Reach 600 followers on Instagram
  • Reach 150 followers on Pinterest
  • Work ahead on all blog posts and graphics
  • Hear back on the rest of my applications
  • Make an official decision for law school
  • Reach 15 email subscribers

April Favorites

Gold leaf hoops

I have been wearing these nonstop to work. They're the perfect accessory to add to any outfit, whether I'm dressing up to host or in my serving uniform. You can find these at Dry Goods. 

Blue dress

This is a gem I found in the sale section of Dry Goods. I fell in love with the versatility of the dress, because I can layer basically any colored shirt underneath it. 

"Sleepy" Shower Bomb

Another monthly post, another Lush haul from me. I've always been obsessed with Lush's bath bombs, so I thought I'd give one of their shower bombs a try. I loved it and definitely recommend it to anybody who loves Lush products and wants to try something new. 

"The Big Sleep" Jelly Bomb

Like I mentioned above, I originally fell in love with Lush due to their amazing bath bombs. While shopping the other day, one of the Lush employees demoed a jelly bomb to me. When it dissolves in the tub, it has a thicker consistency than regular bath bombs. It left my skin so soft, I'll definitely be checking out their other jelly bombs. 

What are your goals for April?




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