How to Write a Letter of Continuing Interest

So you've been waitlisted--now what? If you want to stay on the waitlist and be considered for admission, especially for a law school you hope to attend, you should write a letter of continued interest.

This letter basically states that you are still interested and want to attend that law school. I recommend writing one only if you are very interested in attending school. Below are some components that you should have in your letter of continued interest.

Introduction Paragraph

Make sure to thank the admissions staff for continuing to work with you. Staying polite and confident will give off the perfect voice for this letter. Mention that, if you are taken off the waitlist and admitted, you plan on attending. Schools are less likely to give you a spot in their incoming class if they aren't sure you'll be attending.

Body Paragraphs

In my letter of continued interest for one of the schools that placed me on their waitlist, I provided details about why I was interested in attending their law school, as well as what I could provide as a student at their school. In addition, I added in any additional information about myself that had occurred since I submitted my application to inform them about more of my credentials.

Closing Paragraph

In ending your letter of continued interest, give some more thanks to the admissions office for reviewing your application and letter. End with a professional signature, and make sure to reread your letter before sending it off.




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