How to Deal With Being Waitlisted

So far, I have been waitlisted at two law schools. It's left me in a strangle place with my emotions--I'm happy that it's not a rejection, but, at the same time, I don't know where I stand with the school, either.

The emails I received had very vague wording; it sounded as if they wanted to admit me, but they weren't, at least not yet. Waitlists are like a weird law school limbo applicants can get stuck in--how are you supposed to deal with it?

I'm trying to keep myself motivated throughout the application process, and I'm sure other students on a waitlist can relate. Remind yourself of what you've accomplished so far--graduating college, taking the LSAT, creating a career and not just a job for yourself, and more.

It's easy to get obsessed with thinking about the waitlist (raise your hand if you're checking your email at least three times a day), but it's not going to help you out in the long run. Find different ways to distract yourself, whether you pick up a new hobby or throw yourself into one you already have.

Even if you're getting down on yourself that you're stuck on a waitlist, take the time to remind yourself that you still have a chance of getting in. Look at the positive side of things to keep your spirits high.

One of the biggest things I'm trying to do is not to get hung up on just one school--even though I've been waitlisted twice, I've also been accepted twice. Even if your dream school has waitlisted you, don't give up everything just because you have a chance at attending it. Of course, don't give up, but don't narrow your view to see only one law school.

Have you been waitlisted before?




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