How to Get Killer Letters of Rec

Letters of recommendation are an important part of your law school apps. While you are able to describe yourself in all other parts of your application, your letters of rec show how you come off to and interact with other people.

Getting a killer letter of recommendation can take some time, but it's definitely worth it in the long run.

Asking for Letters of Rec

The first step in receiving a letter of recommendation is to ask for one. Make sure to ask far enough in advance that your writers have the time to properly prepare, write, and edit your recommendations.

Picking the right people is important, too. You don't want a professor who doesn't know you very well writing a letter of rec for your dream law school. Whoever you have writing for you, they should know who you are both inside and outside the classroom.

Aiming for Professionalism

Even if you know whoever is writing your letter of recommendation very well, it still pays to act professional around them. No matter if it's in person or over email, staying professional will leave a good impression each time you say goodbye.

Sending Information

After asking your professor to write your recommendation, make sure to send them all the relevant information. Make sure to include resumes, due dates for the schools, and anything else you think will help them demonstrate how great you are.

Checking Up

If you haven't heard anything and are beginning to get a bit anxious (this is a call out in my own blog to myself), feel free to check up, but make sure you are doing it professionally and politely, while still giving them a grace period between when they first agreed to help and when you email them again.

Saying Thanks

After all is said and done, your professors are doing you a huge favor to write your letters of recommendation. End this time by sending them a thank you email, or, eventually, even letting them know what law schools you were accepted to.




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