Should You Self Study for the LSAT?

I have posted plenty of blogs about my experiences studying for the LSAT. I chose to study on my own for it, although I did see plenty of options for LSAT prep courses. It can feel like a challenge to decide how to approach your studying. After all, it's already stressful enough to take the actual LSAT.

Although I am unable to speak from experience regarding LSAT prep courses, I did study on my own for two different LSATs, so I have a little bit of experience with that.

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Now that I'm done tooting my own horn, here's some honesty: it can be really hard to self-study. Like, really hard. There were days I'd just stare at my prep books and preptests and not know where to go from there. I'd get stuck with a question type and not understand how to work through it no matter how many times I read how to do it.

Even though it was tough, I also loved that I was able to control my own schedule. My work schedule comes out on a weekly basis, so I don't always know when I'll be scheduled. Having the opportunity to move study sessions around ensured I'd have enough time to sit down and absorb all the information.

If you're considering studying by yourself, here's some questions you should consider:

  • Will you stay on schedule the majority of the time?
  • Do you have the materials you'll need to study?
  • Are you going to make your own schedule or follow along with a book? 
  • Have you considered LSAT prep courses as well?
The LSAT is tricky enough on it's own, like I mentioned above, so make sure to choose a study method that works best for you. Don't worry too much about switching around, too; if you start out with self-study but decide it's just not for you, there's still time to find other ways to prepare.

How did you study for the LSAT?




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