Podcasts for Law Students

Let's start with this: I love podcasts. Once I find one that I'm into, I find it too easy to put my headphones in and listen to episode after episode all day long. Lately, I've been trying to bring myself away from my current obsession with true crime podcasts by getting into some awesome new podcasts all about the law.

I thought I'd share some of my favorites today; make sure to let me know if you listen to any of them!

The Happy Lawyer Project

Mental health is super important to me, so a podcast that focuses on how to keep yourself sane during law school and the early years of your law career is right up my alley. In addition to its focus on mental health, there are tons of great interviews with awesome lawyers so you can see where a law degree can take you.


This podcast by Slate offers up in-depth analyses of current SCOTUS cases on the docket. I love learning about the inner workings of court cases, so this is a great listen for anyone with that interest as well.

I Am the Law

Recent law grads and established lawyers are interviewed in this podcast to talk about their daily lives and their jobs. I heard about this podcast from a friend who wasn't sure about what type of law she wanted to practice, and she loved hearing about the details of all the different lawyers.


The Washington Post produces this podcast and it focuses on bringing the Constitution and US history to the public.

More Perfect

This is another Supreme Court podcast, this time with a focus on the stories behind SCOTUS's current cases. I'm absolutely obsessed with this podcast, and it's easily my most recommended podcast on this list.

ABA Law Student Podcast

This podcast covers just about anything a law student could want, from space law to being successful in law school.




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