My Thoughts on Taking the LSAT (Again)

This past Saturday, I took the LSAT for the second time. It was interesting to look into the differences between preparing for and taking the LSAT the first time versus doing the same once again. Even though my two tests were only two months apart, there were still many variations between the two.

I think that one of the biggest differences was knowing what was coming. Yes, I took plenty of preptests before my first LSAT, but there's something different about actually sitting in the testing center, surrounded by other test takers who have been studying just as hard as you have been. It's much more official and can add a lot more pressure than just taking preptests at home, in the library, or at a cafe.

In addition, I studied differently for both tests. For my first LSAT, I had to teach myself the basics of all the sections and practice constantly to become consistent with getting answers correctly. I spent so much time reading through my LSAT self study books so I could truly understand everything I needed to.

When it came to studying for my second LSAT, I tried to focus on what I got incorrect on my first test. The November 2018 LSAT was disclosed, so I had the opportunity to see which questions I got wrong. This allowed me to focus more of my energy on what I needed the most help with, which guided my studying very specifically.

Despite these pros towards taking the LSAT again, I do wish that I had studied harder and more often. It was easy for me to tell myself that I'd already studied for months on end for my first LSAT, so I wouldn't need to study as much because I already knew how to do the LSAT basics.

If someone were to ask me if they should retake the LSAT or not, I would tell them to look over what they could do in the time they have until their next test. I wanted to go up at least two points on my second LSAT, and I decided that it was possible for me to do so in the time I had (one month, to be exact). If you believe that you can achieve your goal in the time you have without stressing yourself out more than usual, I'd tell you to go for it.

Have you retaken the LSAT?




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