Looking Toward January

Happy January, and happy new year, as well!

I'm excited to start off 2019 with a post talking about my goals, especially after ending 2018 with a blog about my resolutions for 2019. I hope you're as excited as I am for January!

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Here's a quick recap of my goals for December:

  • Journal and practice yoga more often (check!)
  • Reach 200 followers on Instagram (check!)
  • Reach 100 followers on Twitter (not quite--I need to get better about using my Twitter)
  • Be more social with my coworkers (check!)
  • Get at least a 160 on the LSAT (I was just below this, and will be retaking the LSAT come the end of January)

January Goals

Now that the holidays are over, my personal life is slowing down, although I will be working more often as a server due to all the events we have planned where I work (yay). I'm spending my time studying for the January 26 LSAT, as well as keeping up with everything for this blog. 

My goals for January are as follows: 
  • Do yoga every single day of the month
  • Get at least a 160 on the LSAT
  • Find some freelance writing/editing jobs to earn extra money
  • Create a better self care routine and stick to it
  • Create more gratitude lists in my journal
  • Finish all my applications for law school
Make sure to check back next month to see how I did with these goals!

January Favorites

Black and White Striped Sweater from Charlotte Russe

I have basically been living in this sweater recently. It's so comfy and goes with literally anything (although I've been pairing it with plain blue jeans most often). It's also pretty lightweight so I know I'll get a lot of wear out of it throughout the year. 

Sultry Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills and Chocolate Bar Palette by Two Faced

I was lucky enough to get two eye shadow palettes for Christmas this year, and I've already began to experiment with them. I've already gotten some compliments bout my makeup whenever I wear shades from these palettes. 

Angel of Death Row: My Life as a Death Penalty Defense Lawyer by Andrea D. Lyon

This is one of the books on my reading list to prepare for law school, and I tore through this. Lyon is a wonderful writer, and each story she tells is captivating. I'd recommend this to pretty much anybody, even if you're not planning on going to law school. 

2019 Happy Planner

Via PicClick

I love planners and staying organized, so when I saw this while perusing a craft store a few weeks back, I knew I just had to get it. I'm trying to be even more on top of my life in 2019, especially with the insanity of law school in my near future.

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Rosewood Vanilla Candle

I have been lighting this candle constantly, especially when I take baths. It's not too crazy of a scent, so it's never too overwhelming to use throughout the day. 

Black Booties from Target

I've needed a pair of plain black boots for a while now, and these were perfect. They go with pretty much everything, and I already know they're going to be a staple in my wardrobe. 

What are your goals for January?




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