15 Must-Haves for a Productive Study Session

Unfortunately, school often comes to a point where you know you'll be stuck in the library for what seems like an eternity. You might find yourself staring at the clock every two minutes, doodling in your notes, or scrolling through social media instead of being productive.

However, there are ways to keep yourself on schedule and focused, especially if you bring along these study essentials.

1. Water bottle

Staying hydrated is super important. Even if you're drinking something else, water is an essential.

2. Coffee or tea

Maybe it's just me, but for some reason I always feel like I can be more productive if I'm sipping on some coffee while I study.

3. Healthy snacks

As much as I love chocolate, I never want to come crashing down from a sugar high while studying. My favorite studying snacks are fruits, almonds, and protein bars to keep me full so I don't focus on my stomach while trying to stay focused.

4. Chargers

There's nothing more annoying than getting really into your homework and suddenly realizing you don't have your laptop charger. Now you have to stop your momentum and go get it. Always make sure to check your backpack for every charger you may need.

5. Layers

Whether you get too warm or too cold while studying, wearing layers or bringing an extra sweatshirt can keep you from getting distracted by the temperature where you're studying.

6. To-do list

It's much easier to stay on task if you can look at everything you need to do. Plus, it's always a great feeling to cross something off your list.

7. Headphones

I absolutely need to listen to music while I'm studying, so headphones are always part of my study essentials.

8. Extra school supplies

Whether it's pens, pencils, notebook paper, or flashcards, it's better to be over-prepared than under.

9. Planner

Your planner can help you in the same as as a to-do list can, just on a bigger scale. It's nice to have a view of your upcoming week or month to help you keep track of all your tasks.

10. Syllabi

Whether you pull it up on your computer or you have a printed version, your syllabi have plenty of useful information that you can find quickly.

11. Laptop

It feels like pretty much everything in school today requires you to have a computer of some sort.

12. Textbooks

Just like your chargers or extra school supplies, always make sure to check that you're bringing along all the textbooks you need.

13. Slippers

Getting comfy while studying is essential. There are much bigger things to worry about than whether or not your shoes are too tight on your feet.

14. Gum or mints

Chewing on gum is another way to help keep you focused on your studying.

15. A way to take a break

If you spend all day staring at your textbooks and notes, eventually you're going to go insane. Bring along a book or your phone, set a timer, and take a few minutes to do something mindless.




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