My LSAT Experience

This Saturday was the day I'd been waiting for over the past three weeks: the day my LSAT score was released. With the release of this score, I thought it'd be a great opportunity to write about my experience with the LSAT.

I took my test on a Saturday morning at an early time--8:30--at a local community college. My sister went there for two years, so I had her drive me there that morning to show me where to go because I had never been there before.

Walking into the lobby outside the testing room, I was met with tons of of test-takers frantically looking over their notes. Despite the amount of people sitting around me, it was dead silent except for the sound of rustling papers. I chose not to bring anything along with me that I could study--if I didn't know something by the day of the test, I wouldn't know it in time.

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Instead, I sat down and people-watched to calm myself down. Most people were around my age, although I assumed most were about a year younger than me since I'm taking time off from school. There were a few older people as well.

Once I got checked in and received my seat number, I ran to the bathroom before entering the testing center. I was told that once I entered the room, I wouldn't be allowed back out until the 15-minute break after section three.

There was a lot of waiting, which I expected because I read so much information about the LSAT out of anxiety. I believe we finally got started around 9:00. I didn't really have a timing strategy since I hadn't had too much trouble finishing within the allotted time, so, although I did bring a watch, I didn't write down most of the starting times, except for the logic games portion.

During the break, I spent some time looking out a window while munching on the protein bars I brought along, as well as sipping on a bottle of green tea. It was nice to just sit and watch the snow fall outside. Most people also sat quietly on their own, trying to collect their thoughts before continuing with the LSAT.

Throughout the entire test, I was worried about the logical reasoning sections. When I first started studying, I had issues with the logic games, so I spent most of my time on that in the beginning, using my Powerscore Bible and some apps I found concerning logic games. With reading comprehension, I didn't have to worry too much because reading and English have always been my strong suits on tests.

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I always dreaded the logical reasoning sections. I'm not sure why. I never did particularly bad on it during my practice tests, but I never did particularly well either. I had to calm my nerves that Saturday morning each time I flipped the page to a new section, telling myself that worrying about how I would do on the logical reasoning sections wouldn't help me at this point.

All in all, I left the testing center feeling pretty confident in how I did on the LSAT. Although I've decided to retake the LSAT, I'm still happy with my score. I just know that I can do better and that I can improve enough in a month to make it to my goal score or higher.




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