My Favorite LSAT Apps

I took my LSAT studying very seriously, which led me to get into the habit of drilling myself in my free time. One way I did this was using apps on my phone while I was waiting in line or relaxing at home. This way, I could keep my skills sharp, but didn't have to sit and stare at my books all day every day.

My mom is actually the person who suggested that I do this, because I honestly never thought about using my phone to study--usually I'd put it on "Do Not Disturb" mode and only listen to music on it.

I thought I'd share some of my favorite apps that helped me out a lot. Make sure to check out my absolute favorite LSAT app at the end of this blog-- and let me know if you have used any of these before!

Logic Puzzles

One of my biggest struggles early on were logic games, just like a lot of people. I felt lost and stuck whenever I tried to do a game, and I would just give up because I'd get so frustrated.

While I do love doing puzzles, something about logic games left me stuck. Doing the logic puzzles in this app, since they are done in a more visual way with a few text clues, helped me figure out the formula to get through a logic game with my sanity intact.

App Store

Logic Puzzles Daily

Like I mentioned above, logic games were something I focused a lot of my energy on when I first started studying for the LSAT. What made this app one of my favorites is the creation of new puzzles every day, along with times to beat for each puzzle.

Once I began getting better at logic games, adding in the time component added an extra challenge that I knew would be present during the actual LSAT.

App Store

LSAT Concepts Flashcards

This app was a great way to work on how statements in the logical reasoning sections were worded. The LSAT test makers deliberately make their wording confusing to try and trip test takers up, so it was nice to see the different way things could be worded and what the simplified version of a sentence was.

In addition to the cards on logical reasoning, there are also mini logic games and reading comprehension drills in the app as well.

App Store | Google Play Store


7Sage was my holy grail tool while studying. Not only did I use the app on my phone, but I used the website as well. I could connect my account to both the app and website so all my information was saved, and all the same features are offered together with the free account on each.

Packed in this app is a proctor (you can choose either a four-section or five-section test), logic game explanations from previous LSATs, discussion boards, a practice test grader, and more.

My favorite tool was the practice test grader. Not only was I able to quickly grade my tests, but I was also able to see how much I improved, how many questions I averaged on each section, and what types of questions you need to focus on more. The more tests you grade, the more information there is to see how well you're doing.

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